Skip bin vs Team Tidy

So. It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve just had your (not so) shiny looking skip bin delivered on to your verge. Alrighty then! You’re all set for a busy weekend of renos or decluttering (or whatever else) ahead. But … You wake up early on Saturday morning to find that now, your skip bin isn’t quite […]

A stunning review!

Reviews are super important for any business. Customers use them now more than ever before to help them make decisions about which services to use or what to buy. We are proud to currently have over 60 reviews from clients who have emailed us directly and over 40 from Google and Facebook! We are extremely […]

A day in the life of Team Tidy

Check Us Out – here’s how we do it! FYI… In case you’re wondering… Yes, this video has been sped up in some parts. Team Tidy works fast… but not THAT fast!

Our largest job ever!

Here’s a video showing the largest job ever done by us. We removed 39 truckloads and had 3 trucks with 6 workers on the job for the best part of 1 week!

Media Release

We recently appeared on Channel 10 News after helping a family who’s house was trashed in Gosnells. Check out he video.

TidyUp’s new facebook page is here to stay

Tidy Up’s Facebook Page

We can see the benefits of social networking and we beleive Facebook will become an important marketing tool for us in future. Please feel free to visit our page and add any comments, questions or suggestions. Our page will also have weekly updates about team tidy and the things we get up to. We plan […]