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We're a LOCAL WA family owned business and there's a reason we've been around for over 40 years now. Contact us to find out why.

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We understand the sensitive nature of this work, and that there is usually great emotion involved. Our teams know how to handle all materials respectfully and with care. Whenever possible, they ensure materials are reused, upcycled and recycled.
We understand these jobs can be very frustrating for both property managers and owners alike. Tidy Up is a one stop shop. We will make everything disappear quickly and in an environmentally responsible manner.
We understand that considerable culling usually goes on during the course of a house move. We will remove the lot! Everything from old furniture to boxes and packaging. Even garden refuse. All disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.
We understand the difficulties associated with clearing out offices and their storerooms. Tidy Up has vast experience in this area and is especially efficient at moving materials from upper level offices into the awaiting trucks below. We will make everything disappear quickly and in an environmentally responsible manner. Especially electronic waste, like computer equipment. 
We understand that shopfitters are nearly always limited by both space and time restrictions. Tidy Up can very quickly and efficiently remove gyprock, timber, counters, cabinets, bricks, rubble, and more. After hours bookings are available on request.
We understand that circumstances change. Large businesses close down or relocate. Tidy Up has extensive experience working with liquidators, tenants and land owners to efficiently remove and dispose of the often huge volumes of materials left behind.
Rubbish Collection For Everyone
Need to reclaim space at your place? Contact us for super fast removal of almost anything! Whether you're a resident? A small to medium sized business? A retailer? A corporate or government office? It actually doesn't matter who you are really, because WE LOOK AFTER EVERYONE!!

Rubbish Removal - What have you got to get rid of?
We will remove junk, white goods, cardboard boxes, foam, packaging, mattresses, beds, timber or metal items (including pallets and shipping crates), glass, old furniture, construction waste, green waste, electronic waste (eWaste), tyres etc. Items that we are unable to remove include anything made from asbestos and any form of liquid waste like paint, chemical cleaning agents etc. The list of what we do take is pretty much endless... and our rubbish collection teams will happily load and remove almost anything so you never have to see it again! Any Rubbish - Any Size - WE LOAD IT FROM WHERE IT LIES!

We recycle, donate and re-purpose the rubbish we collect at every opportunity. Landfill is an absolute last resort for us!

Buyer BEWARE - we have competitors who offer very low rates per cubic metre, then over estimate the cubic metres when it comes time to quote! We have built this business on honesty and transperancy and we will call it as we see it. Everytime.

Small to medium business & corporate
Let Tidy Up focus on your office waste collection– so you can stay focused on your business!

Skip bin hire costs you time and energy. Tidy Up will remove almost any type of waste material - paperwork, office supplies, old equipment, white goods, packaging, green waste, construction waste - and deliver it directly to the appropriate disposal or recycling site. We are passionate about recycling, so if your rubbish can be recycled, it will be.

One of our uniformed team of two rubbish removal experts will call ahead to advise you of their arrival. Once on site, they will discuss our rates with you up front - and obligation free - before any work begins. The rubbish collection work will then be done quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your staff. We use professional equipment which easily accesses tight areas and multi-storey office buildings. Now that's value!

With Tidy Up, there is no need to involve your staff, hire a skip bin, or arrange for a parking bay to accommodate the skip. Our rubbish removal team will carefully remove any type of rubbish and load it into our truck from where it's accumulated. We only charge for the amount of waste we remove - making us very competitive - so unlike a skip bin, you're not locked in to a set price. (Please note: A small labour charge may apply, depending on the accessibility of the waste.)

When you compare our service to the cost of your staff (or contractors) running loads of rubbish back and forth to a hired skip, it's no wonder so many businesses see the value of using Tidy Up's rubbish collection service to remove all types of surplus waste. So, please contact us today and we will give you all the help your business needs to Tidy Up!

We're happy to visit and quote for office waste collection! For jobs where there are many items to be removed from different areas we will provide an estimate over the phone based on a description of the job. If the estimate sounds good then we are happy to visit and provide a formal quotation. Are you a factory unit with large amounts of crates, skids, pallets and/or packaging? We often price these types of jobs on a "per load" basis. With teams of two people in our custom built trucks we can make very short work of these types of jobs. These will free up time and space for your business to keep it doing whatever it does best! Just contact us to find out how it works.
Why get your hands dirty loading a skip bin or trailer? Let our professional rubbish collection team do the dirty work for you! We remove rubbish from where it lies with a minimum of fuss and when we are done we Tidy Up the work zone too! Our rubbish removal team will remove all sorts of waste materials including garden refuse, junk, white goods, construction waste, almost anything!. Our rates are given up front so there are no surprise and we assure you of a complete job leaving you nothing to do. We will visit your home and call ahead to warn you of our arrival. Our rubbish collection team will carefully load and remove garden refuse, any overflow from recycling and general junk, white goods, construction waste almost anything! There will be no need for any costly bin hire service. Our rubbish removal rates are competitive as we only charge by the volume of waste removed and where (on the property) it needs to be removed from. Our minimum cost gets 1 cubic metre of waste (about 4 council wheelie bins worth) removed from any easy access area. Compare this to hiring a skip bin and finding someone to run loads back and forth and YOU WILL SEE THE BENEFITS IMMEDIATELY. We are uniformed and understand the importance of moving carefully around your premises with minimum disruption to plants and property. We use professional equipment which will efficiently access ANY area.

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