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Some business qualities our competitors struggle to match include - professionalism, reliability, timeliness, follow through, longevity, integrity, honesty, transparency, accurate pricing and 40 years of local knowledge in Perth rubbish removal and recycling.

What does a cubic metre look like?
It can be quite difficult to visualise what a cubic metre looks like, so hopefully this list will give you a good idea:

- a family sized fridge
- a 2 seater sofa
- 4 x council wheelie bins (240ltr)
- a full 6x4 car trailer (sensibly stacked!)

It’s important to remember that we always measure cubic metres as though items are squashed or compacted (eg green waste), or dismantled (eg desks, wardrobes). In other words, we won’t charge you for air space! ☺
What time will Team Tidy arrive on the day I’ve booked?
Our team will always make contact with you 20 – 30 minutes ahead of their estimated arrival time at your property or premises. We’re realistic though, and we know you need to plan your day, so on request we are more than happy to call you between 8.00am and 9.00am to give you a 2 – 3 hour window of their estimated time of arrival.

We try to avoid being locked in to a specific time, because things are constantly changing out on the road, and if we’re held up unavoidably, we might disappoint you … and we definitely don’t want that!

Please don’t forget to request a call between 8.00am and 9.00am if you would like an estimated arrival time window.
What types of waste will you remove?
We’ll take almost anything at all! We service domestic, commercial, retail and government clients, so the list of what we DO take is very long indeed!

Some of the things we DON’T take however include; hazardous medical waste and large volumes of liquid waste e.g. 44 gallon drums of chemicals.

If you’re not sure though, please just ask one of our team members, who will be happy to advise you.
What size are your trucks?
We currently have three trucks in our fleet, which we refer to as ‘Tipper 1’, ‘Tipper 2’ and Tipper 3 (we like to keep things simple around here :)!

Tipper 1 is a 3 tonne Isuzu with a 10 cubic metre capacity body and is 2.3 metres wide. Tipper 2 is a 2 tonne Isuzu with a 6.5 cubic metre capacity body and is 2.1 metres wide. Tipper 3 is a 4 tonne Isuzu with a 10 cubic metre capacity body and is 2.4 metres wide.

All trucks are perfect for accessing tight spots like narrow driveways and CBD laneways.

I’ve got some items to get rid of. Can I deliver them to the Tidy Up depot?
No sorry, that’s not an option. Tidy Up is a rubbish collection (waste transport) business, and we are not licensed to accept deliveries of waste from either the general public or the business sector.
Where does the rubbish get transported to?
We transport material to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Cockburn Central and to a combination of over 25 different disposal sites and drop off points dotted all over the Perth metro area, from waste recovery sites to recyclers to charities. Our team assesses each load they pick up, and then decides whether it comes back to our MRF where it is prepared for delivery to recyclers or whether we deliver directly to the recycler.

You’re more than welcome to ask Team Tidy where they plan to take your load. Being transparent is part of our team culture! Our main aim is to use our MRF, recyclers and charities as our first option every time!
What happens if the final price is more than I expected?
When you call to book a rubbish removal, we will work closely with you to estimate the price of your job. We’ll ask you quite a few questions about what you’ve got to get rid of and what the access to the rubbish is like. Generally speaking, with your help, we can usually give you a fairly accurate estimate of cost over the phone, bearing in mind we can’t actually see the rubbish you’re telling us about!

If you’re happy with the estimated price, we go ahead and book the job for you. Then when Team Tidy arrives at your property, they will offer you a firm price to complete the work, completely obligation free. In other words, if the price is not what you expected, then we simply move on to the next job.
Do you work for residents as well as businesses?
Yes, absolutely! Our rubbish collection client base is about 50% residential and 50% commercial. No job is too big or too small for Team Tidy!
What if I’m not available to meet Team Tidy on site?
Easy, no problem at all! We just need you available on the phone to receive two calls.

The first will be made to let you know that our team is on their way to site and to ask you to be ready and available to take the second call.

Once on site, we’ll call you again to confirm the cost and to process your credit card.

If it’s likely that you will be unavailable on the phone, then we can apply a price cap to the job and process your credit card once on site. For example you might say, “Please go ahead if the job is $350.00 or less, otherwise make contact with me before loading”.
When I call Tidy Up, will I talk to local Perth people, or to someone in a call centre interstate or overseas?
Tidy Up is a 100% Perth based, family owned and operated business that’s been in operation in one way or another since 1975. We know our stuff, so rest assured you will always be speaking to local rubbish removal experts!

Available 7am-7pm, 7 days a week!

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