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We are not a global franchise and we are not a one-man band. We are Perth people and we LOVE our city!

WA Family Owned

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We recycle, donate and repurpose the rubbish we collect at every opportunity. Landfill is an absolute last resort for us!

Removal service available 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Buyer Beware!

Some competitors offer very low rates per cubic metre, but over-estimate the cubic metres when quoting. Tidy Up has been built on fairness, honesty and transparency. We call it as we see it. Every time.

Why choose us?

Why TidyUp?

It can be very stressful when items accumulate around your home or business, especially at times when you are selling, preparing for events, or needing to improve productivity. Disposing of rubbish can be a frustrating undertaking, what with the difficulty of finding the right vehicle to move everything, knowing which rubbish disposal site to take it to and, of course, finding the time to do the work.

But with Tidy Up, rubbish removal has never been easier. We have a dedicated team of waste removal professionals and a fleet of custom-built trucks to do the job quickly, efficiently, and using best practice procedures to minimise the environmental impact.

The team at Tidy Up can eliminate all the headaches for you. Whether you need rubbish pickup, junk collection or just general waste removal in Perth, we are the team for you. We cover all Perth metro areas and can also travel to regional parts of greater Perth on request.

We offer exceptional value, providing labour for your rubbish removal, office waste collection, green waste collection or junk collection when and where you need it. This obviously saves you a significant amount of time and effort required to load bins or trailers, find out where to take things and comply with the different demands of disposal sites. That part can be very frustrating!

Using our services also saves you the effort of guessing the correct bin size you need. Underestimate and you may need another bin. Overestimate and you have paid too much!

Then there is the common problem we hear about where you may have a bin delivered in the afternoon only to wake up in the morning, ready to start work and find the bin is mysteriously already half full with other people’s rubbish! Working with the Tidy Up team for your rubbish collection, waste disposal, furniture removal etc. eliminates all these issues in one hit!

With us, you also have the assurance that the things you are disposing will be saved from landfill at every possible opportunity.

So please browse through our website to see how we can effectively solve your rubbish removal needs WITHOUT the stress! We love what we do and if you cannot find a solution you are looking for on this website, please contact us and we will find a way! We look forward to serving you soon.

Team Tidy

Our Values


We are professional recyclers who recycle, upcycle and donate the material we collect at every opportunity.


We walk and work with purpose.


We are fair to each other and we are fair to our customers, especially when it comes to pricing.


We respect each other, our clients and the situations we deal with.

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Our Mission

To recycle, up cycle and clear space so we can help to create a world without waste.

Our Vision

Life without landfill.

Our Mission

To recycle, up cycle and clear space so we can help to create a world without waste.

Our Vision

Life without landfill.