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Kiss your rubbish Goodbye. Feel the relief.
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We recycle, donate and re-purpose the rubbish we collect at every opportunity. Landfill is an absolute last resort for us!

Buyer BEWARE - we have competitors who offer very low rates per cubic metre, then over estimate the cubic metres when it comes time to quote! We have built this business on honesty and transperancy and we will always call it as we see it.

Rubbish removal has never been easier with our dedicated team and custom built trucks. It can be very stressful when items accumulate around your home or business, especially at times when you may be selling, preparing for events, or needing to improve productivity. Handling rubbish disposal can be frustrating too, when you consider the difficulty of finding the right vehicle to move everything, knowing which rubbish disposal site to take it to and of course, finding the time to do the work!

Team Tidy will eliminate all these issues! Whether you need rubbish pick up, junk collection or just general waste removal in Perth, we are the ones to work with. We cover all Perth metro areas and we will even travel to the regional parts of greater Perth on request.
The value we offer is in the fact that we provide the labour for your rubbish removal or junk collection needs. This obviously saves you time and effort in loading bins or trailers, finding our where to take things and complying with the different demands of disposal sites. That part can be very frustrating! It also saves you trying to guesstimate the bin size you need. Underestimate and you may need another bin. Overestimate and you have paid too much! Then of course, there is the issue we commonly hear, where people have a bin delivered in the afternoon only to wake up in the morning, ready to start work and find that the bin is mysteriously already half full! Working with Team Tidy for your rubbish collection, waste disposal, furniture removal etc. eliminates all these issues in one hit! Plus there is the peace of mind that your stuff will be saved from landfill at every possible opportunity.

So please have a browse through the pages of our website and see how we will be able effectively solve your rubbish removal needs with NO stress! We love what we do and if you can't find a solution on this site, then please contact us and we will find a way :) Happy hunting!

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