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Electronic Waste Recycling & Disposal Perth

Recycling computers and other electronic waste is one of the most significant things we can do to help the environment. Without recycling, e-waste would end up in landfill leaking harmful chemicals into the earth. 

If you need to dispose of computers, laptops, tvs or anything electronic, contact Team Tidy today. We make e-waste recycling easy!

Electronic Waste Recycling

We assure your e-waste will be disposed of securely and we'll provide a Certificate of Destruction/Recycling upon request.

Landfill is an absolute last resort

Contact Tidy Up and our uniformed team of electronic waste recyclers will call ahead so that you know we’re on our way. On arrival, we will carefully load any type of electronic waste for recycling and transport it to an e-waste recycling site.

It will then be broken down and hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, carbon black and cadmium (to mention a few) will be recycled. This process will reduce the amount of hazardous substances going to landfill which can create environmental and health issues.

At Tidy Up, we always make sure landfill is a last resort. Any electronic products that can be reused or upcycled will be transported to our salvage store to hopefully find a new home. 

We can recycle anything that plugs in! Our rates for e-waste recycling are very competitive and are based on the amount of e-waste we remove and the time it takes our teams to load the truck. Using the latest materials handling equipment, we can remove e-waste from upper-level offices, basement storage areas or wherever else it has accumulated. We’re happy to discuss our rates in detail when you contact us.

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