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Tidy Up are your local rubbish removal experts
Easier than a skip or a trip to the tip!

Tidy Up…

Anything that can’t be given a new life in our recycle centre is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our customers range in age and come from diverse locations. We really do cater to everyone!

Here are some of our common customers and why they choose Tidy Up.

Domestic / Residential

Cluttered Corner


Whether you’re downsizing your household or upgrading to new furniture, Tidy Up can remove all your unwanted goods in one go. You won’t need to call on family or friends to move anything - Tidy Up supplies all the labour and does all the heavy lifting. Plus, anything that can be recycled or upcycled, will be taken to our recycling centre.

Pile of junk in a house

Unit/Apartment Living

Some people cannot place a skip bin on their premises. Plus, using a bin means you have to do all the lifting (sometimes from the top floor). A better alternative is to use Tidy Up. We supply the labour so you won’t have to lift a finger. Everything is loaded onto our trucks and taken away immediately.

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Backyard/Garden Renovation

You’ve just finished a big backyard clean up and you’re left with a lot of greens waste and a pile of sand and rubble. It’s a lot to dispose of. Ordering a skip bin can be costly and it means you’ll have to do more hard work. Take a break and call Tidy Up instead. We bring the labour, we load up all the rubbish and we cart it away. You’re left with a clean backyard and no back ache.

Bulky waste in front of the house

Deceased Estates

Dealing with a sensitive issue like a deceased estate demands the service of an experienced team. Tidy Up knows that this is a time that requires care and respect. Whenever possible, all items are reused, recycled or donated to a worthy cause.

Hands holding cardboard box

House/Tenancy Move

You might be moving house, or you’ve had a tenant move out of your rental. Either way, you’ve got some items left behind. It’s good to know that Tidy Up can take goods of all sizes and will dispose of them in a responsible manner.

Business & Government

Re-jigging office space

Office Clear Out

If you’ve recently ordered new office equipment, your business may be left with a collection of e-waste and used office furniture. Hiring a skip bin could result in it all being sent to landfill (which is the last thing you want). Tidy Up only uses landfill as a last resort for items that cannot be recycled or rehomed. We come to you, load everything onto our fleet of trucks and will carefully recycle all e-waste.

house renovation concept

Shop Refit

So, you’ve finished the shop refit and need all the old gyprock, timber cabinets, bricks and rubble removed ASAP. You also want a professional team who can get it all done quickly. Tidy Up have uniformed staff and a fleet of trucks that can have everything removed in no time. Remember, you can also request an after-hours booking should your refit run late.

Re-jigging office space


Closing down a company is one of the unfortunate realities of business. You may need large amounts of junk or equipment removed from offices and warehouses quickly. Tidy Up has the capacity to remove substantial amounts of goods in a short amount of time.

Illegal fly tipping

Local Government

A few residents have just complained about illegally dumped rubbish which you’ll need to have removed and disposed of quickly and responsibly. It’s a good thing that Tidy Up offers same day service and will recycle anything of value – that means less rubbish in landfill.

We recycle, donate and re-purpose the rubbish we collect at every opportunity.

Landfill is an absolute last resort

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