Green Waste Removal

Do you need to get your garden back under control? Contact us! We have many years of experience pruning and shaping trees and shrubs. We can do any minor pruning job that can be done from the ground or from a small ladder. Or if you prefer, do the cutting yourself and we'll remove the green waste from anywhere on your property! We also slash long grass and we will even remove the cuttings if you like!

Do you have tree branches, tree trimmings, shrubs or logs that need to be removed?
Or do you need long grass slashed? Why hire a skip bin? Bin hire costs you time and money. Our green waste removal service is a much better solution. We will send a purpose built truck with a team of 2 helpful green waste removal workers to load your green waste into one of our trucks and transport it to a site where it will be turned into mulch. For larger green waste removal jobs over about 9 cubic metres, we will arrive with one of our trucks and a wood chipper. Wood chipping is very cost effective and hassle free for large amounts of green waste. However we handle the job, by choosing Tidy Up, you will ensure that your green waste removal job is handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Tidy Up is fully insured, and our team will take great care while working on your property. We will ensure there is no damage to gates, pools, cars or anything else.

This service is great value as it saves you lifting a finger (except to make the call to our friendly team!). Simply call us on (80) 6397 7532, and we will give you an idea of our rates over the phone. Then once on site, we will provide you with an accurate, obligation free quote before we start any work.

The green waste we collect will be delivered to a recycler where it will be turned into mulch and used for commercial crops and streetscaping.

Buyer BEWARE - we have competitors who offer very low rates per cubic metre, then over estimate the cubic metres when it comes time to quote! We have built this business on honesty and transperancy and we will call it as we see it. Everytime.

Available 7am-7pm, 7 days a week!

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