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Our Tidy Up Salvage Store allows us to actively upcycle every day. So instead of breaking material down into its raw form to create something new (recycling), we leave it in its current state for people to rejuvenate (upcycling).

We post our latest salvaged items for sale on our Facebook page every weekday, Monday to Friday. Follow us to join our growing micro-community of like-minded upcyclers!

Rubbish removal for everyone!

What have you got to get rid of?

Upcycling is by far the best outcome for many of the items we pick up, because it saves energy which, in turn, reduces greenhouse gases, and ultimately helps the environment. Win win!

If you head over to our Facebook page (click the link at the top of this page) and browse through the recent posts, you’ll get a really good idea of the types of amazing items we’re salvaging from landfill on a daily basis.

We post items for sale on Facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Prices are kept low on purpose, because we want stock to move through our store very quickly to make room for the next lot of treasures!

All of the photos on this page show some of the more interesting items we have come across in the past. Please note that these items are no longer available for sale (they sold long ago!) They are just examples of some of the really cool stuff we find.

The Tidy Up Salvage Store is located at 21 Hammond Road in Cockburn Central. Access to our yard is just around the corner on Spencer Street.


Tidy Up Salvage Store
Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 2:30pm

Saturday & Sunday

Please note: Our store’s hours are limited because our core business is rubbish removals – sending our trucks all over the city picking up rubbish (or not rubbish!). 

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