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Who are we? Tidy Up is a hands on rubbish removal service. So instead of providing a bin for you to fill, we will send one of our late model, custom built trucks with one, two or more uniformed workers to carefully load and remove almost anything! Our typical clients are people who cannot place a bin on their property or who have trouble finding labour to fill the bin. They know that by working with us, their rubbish will be GONE in a flash leaving them free to move on with other projects!

An important thing to bear in mind is that a lot of the material we transport is not rubbish, which is why we place a massive emphasis on putting things back in to the community, recycling, up cycling and donation. We transport large volumes of items back to our Cockburn Central holding yard, where they are sorted and then either donated, given away for free, or placed in our Tidy Up Store for sale at very low prices. We also gather and store material in preparation for delivery to the many recyclers we work with across the Perth metro area.

The following summary gives a good overview of the activities that have brought us to the point we are at now:

In June of 2018 we completed the massive task of moving our premises from a shared yard in Jandakot to a 1500m2 warehouse and yard of our own in Cockburn Central. We secured a solid lease and plan to be here for the foreseeable future. The move has given us the ability to divert much more material from landfill than we ever have before. This has translated into huge savings on very costly landfill fees, which helps to cover the additional rent costs. Plus we have increased the overall efficiency of our Tidy Up Store, making it easier to quickly turn over the items we gather.

In April of 2015 Tidy Up left home! We moved premises from our family home, to a warehouse in Jandakot. This was a monumental move for our business. It gave us a much greater ability to control the material we transport. We had an onsite office built inside the old warehouse, which became our first Tidy Up store. Our recycling efforts started with just two outdoor pens for storing scrap metal and electronic waste. Diverting from landfill became our first priority.

In December of 2012 Tidy Up sold the garden bag service that the business was founded on.

It was purchased by Karen and Denis Parker of Kardens Garden Bags, another local, family owned business. They are now the largest garden bag operators in Perth.

So what did this mean for Tidy Up? Selling the garden bag round freed up Team Tidy to focus on the growth of the bulk, hands on rubbish removal service. We originally offered rubbish removals as an add-on to the garden bag service. Customers would often ask for additional items to be loaded on bag change day. In 2007 the first 10m3 custom built truck joined the fleet for this purpose. In 2012 we added a smaller 6.5m3 tipper truck, and in 2013 a second 10m3 tipper.

Looking back to the early days … Des Berry originally established Tidy Up under the name “Berry’s Jumbo Bags” in 1975 from our first family home in Mt. Pleasant. The business grew very quickly and was one of the first of its type in WA. In 1978 Des decided to move the business overseas but for a number of reasons it didn’t work out. Des returned to Perth in 1984 and started the garden bag business again from scratch, under the name Tidy Up.

Tony joined his Dad, Des in the business in 1991.

Over the years we have endeavoured to always take the business to the next level, by capitalising on the goodwill that was established in the community, and by creating employment for others.

The past few years have seen Tidy Up refine our systems and processes and improve our equipment to a point that keeps us on the road 5 to 6 days a week, with the ability to absorb more work and operate with a minimum of downtime. We now have a loyal, dedicated team of 10 people, who pride themselves on providing an exceptional level of customer service.

Tidy Up is here for the long term. We truly believe in our product and we welcome the changes that lie ahead.

New trading hours!

We are now available from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday! Book with us today!

New trading hours!

Remember we recycle, donate and re-purpose the rubbish we collect at every opportunity. Landfill is an absolute last resort for us!

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