About Team Tidy Up

Who are we? We are a hands on rubbish removal service. So instead of providing a bin for you to fill, we will send one of our late model, custom built trucks with 1 or 2 uniformed workers to carefully load and remove almost anything! Our typical clients are people who cannot place a bin on their property or who have trouble finding labour to fill the bin. They know that by working with us, their rubbish will be GONE in a flash leaving them free to move on with other projects!

Bare in mind, a lot of what we transport is not rubbish. That is why we place a massive emphasis on recycling by transporting things back to our Jandakot holding yard where they are placed in our Tidy Up Store for sale at very, very low prices. Or they are stored in preparation for delivery to the many recyclers we work with around the city.

Here is a little bit of our history to date:

Des Berry originally established Tidy Up under the name “Berry’s Jumbo Bags” in 1975 from his first family home in Mt. Pleasant, Western Australia. The business grew very quickly in those days as one of the first of its type in our state. It wasn’t long before other operators were involved and the garden bag industry was established in WA.

In 1978 a decision was made to try the service overseas. For a number of reasons this did not work out and in 1984 Des returned to resume business under the name Tidy Up here in W.A.

The business was started again from the beginning, and with a lot of hard work and persistence, brought to the point they find themselves at now. Tony Berry, Des’ son, joined him with great enthusiasm in 1991. Together they built the business and employed a helper around 1994.

Over the years Tony has endeavoured to take the business to a new level, one that would capitalize on the goodwill that has been established in the community and create employment for others.

The past few years have seen Tidy Up refine their systems and improve their equipment to a point that keeps them on the road 5 to 6 days a week, with the ability to absorb more work and operate with a minimum of downtime. They now have a team of 10 people who pride themselves on the level of service that they offer.

In December of 2012 Tidy Up completed a massive change – the bin hire division of the business changed ownership. It is now run by Kardens Garden Bags, a family business owned by Karen & Denis Parker, hence the name Kar-Dens. They already run a large garden bag round in Perth’s Northern suburbs with the help of their son, Ben. Now after acquiring the Tidy Up round, they are the largest garden bag operators in Perth. Karen & Denis are very professional and we could not have wished for a better group of people to take over the bin hire division of Tidy up.

So what does this mean for Tidy Up? They now have time to manage the growth of their rubbish removal service, hooray! They originally offered rubbish removals as an add on to the bin hire service. When they visited to change the bin, customers would ask them to load other materials. Around 2007 they had a truck custom built for this purpose. It’s the 11 cubic metre tipper you see pictured on this website. Early in 2014, they upgraded the cab chassis of that same truck and had the body resprayed, so it is now the newest truck in the fleet. In 2012 they added a 6.5m3 tipper to the fleet and in 2013 they added another 11m3 tipper. All custom built. The 11m3 ones have a few extra bells and whistles like a slide out ramp for easy loading and a storage area behind the cab.

In April of 2015 Tidy Up completed another massive change – they moved premises from Tony & Jo’s house, to a warehouse in Jandakot. This move has been monumental for team Tidy! It has given them a much greater ability to control the items that they transport. They now have two outdoor pens for storing various types of scrap metal and electronic waste. They also have two bays to park the larger trucks in (the third truck is still on Tony’s driveway at home). They also have an office that they constructed from cool room panels inside a warehouse and best of all, they now have a small store so they can salvage and on-sell some of the better things that they collect, helping them to divert even more from landfill- hooray!!

And above all, Tony & Jo have their house back! After running from a home, either Tony’s or his parents, for the last 40 years (since 1975), this aspect of the move has been the one that they value the most.

Tidy Up are here for the long term; they truly believe in their product and welcome the changes that lie ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little piece of Tidy Up’s history. Your input so welcomed , so please drop them a note on the request form– they look forward to hearing from you.

Remember we recycle, donate and re-purpose the rubbish we collect at every opportunity. Landfill is an absolute last resort for us!