Attention to detail!

Need attention to detail when it comes to rubbish removal? This is how we roll! Check out the truck in the background and the amount of material that was loaded from this site. Yet still our conscientious worker bends down to remove every last bit! Contact us for top notch service from people who care!

When you book with us, we will call ahead to warn you of our arrival. Once on site we will scope the work and show you our rates. Once the price is agreed we will load everything on the spot. On the rare occasion that we do not agree on price, we will simply move on with no cost applied. So trust us, it’s in our best interests to offer our best and fairest price upfront!

We love our work and we love our city. We’re not a global franchise and we’re not a one man band. We’re Perth people and we are here for the long term.

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