How Tidy Up Is Helping Councils and Landowners Handle Illegally Dumped Rubbish

No one wants illegally dumped rubbish in their neighbourhood. Turning a blind eye to the issue can create long-term social and environmental problems. When Tidy Up was called to a vacant lot that had become a hotspot for illegal rubbish dumping, they knew they had the capacity to provide a fast and effective solution.    

Key Case Points






The vacant lot in question had accumulated a large amount of rubbish consisting of both landfill waste and recyclable materials, such as mattresses and tyres. The owner of the vacant lot was contacted by the City of Stirling to remove the rubbish and was recommended to contact Tidy Up – a WALGA Preferred Supplier. After contacting Tidy Up, the vacant block was cleared within days. 

The City of Stirling reports that 225 tonnes of rubbish is illegally dumped every year. Residents who see rubbish dumped on vacant lots or in bushland are encouraged to contact their council immediately. The persistence of illegal dumping in urban areas can pose significant environmental and social issues, however, this can be reversed with effective management and preventative strategies. 



The clean-up operation undertaken by Tidy Up was considered a mid to large-scale job requiring two tipper trucks, a telehandler and four team members on-site to ensure the rubbish was removed rapidly. 70% of the rubbish was unable to be reused or recycled. Two truckloads of waste material were sent to landfill, while the remaining 30% of rubbish was recycled.

Volume of Rubbish Removed: 2 truckloads (16m³) to landfill, 1 truckload (8m³) recycled.

Duration of Clean Up: Clean up completed in six hours, over one day.

Stakeholder Involvement: Coordinated efforts among the City of Stirling, Tidy Up and the property owner. 


A quick response and the ability to rapidly remove all visible rubbish were paramount to prevent further illegal dumping on the vacant block. The owner was delighted with Tidy Up’s professionalism and promptness.

Why Tidy Up?

Tidy Up continues to expand year on year. With more trucks, more employees and new equipment, large-scale jobs can be handled with ease. Since 2019, Tidy Up has been a WALGA preferred supplier and in 2023 acquired a B Corp certification. This accreditation helps align Tidy Up with many Government and Corporate sectors that want to ensure their waste is disposed of in a correct and environmentally friendly manner. 

Tidy Up’s vision, ‘life without landfill’, is the backbone of the business. Choosing Tidy Up to remove your rubbish and unwanted goods helps minimise your carbon footprint and builds towards a more sustainable future.  

Recommendations to prevent illegal rubbish dumping

If you notice rubbish illegally dumped in your area, contact the necessary authorities and Tidy Up will ensure the rubbish is collected and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

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