The Complete Guide To Green Waste Removal

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Whether you’re an avid gardener or someone who occasionally likes to dabble in the outdoors, at some stage you’ll need to deal with excess green waste removal. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get large amounts of green waste removed without doing any heavy lifting. 

Before we roll up our sleeves, let’s make sure we’re speaking the same garden language.

Green Waste Removal 101

What Is Green Waste?: Essentially, everything you prune, cut or pull out from your garden. It’s the organic residue, from grass clippings and branches to those wild shrubs and weeds.

Green Bins: Most Perth councils provide a green waste bin collected every two weeks. When you have lots of garden waste to remove, it’s not always the best solution.

Skip Bins: Skip bins are usually plonked on your front lawn (leaving a nice dead patch when they are removed) and are often an invitation for neighbours to dump their rubbish.

Verge Collection: This still happens in some Perth councils once or twice a year. Unfortunately, the collection date may not always align with your immediate disposal needs.

Council Drop-Off Point: Your local council may have a collection point for green waste. All good if you have a trailer but you still have to collect the waste, pack the trailer and drive to the drop-off point… you get the picture.

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How To Tackle Green Waste

When your backyard looks like a jungle, you know you’ve got work to do. 

Start by estimating the scale of your green waste. Is it a weekend task or a full-blown project? Next, gather the essential tools – are you trimming or bringing out the chainsaw?

As you know, trimming and cutting is the easy part. If you’ve got large branches or tree trunks, they’ll need to be cut up into smaller pieces for a verge collection or to be moved. More time wasted! Transporting your garden waste can eat up a lot of your valuable time. Imagine if someone could do all the heavy lifting for you.

Well, if you choose to have your garden waste collected by Tidy Up, they’ll bring the big tools to move everything – you won’t have to lift a finger.

What Green Waste Can Be Collected?

Let’s look at what exactly falls under the umbrella of ‘green waste’.

  • Trees: This includes tree stumps, logs, cuttings and branches.
  • Garden Regulars: Grass clippings, turf, shrubs, leaves and those pesky weeds (common or otherwise).
  • Garden Delicacies: Bark, wood chips, palm fronds, even vegetable trimmings and vines.
  • The Decorative Lot: Flower cuttings and hedge trimmings. Yes, they’re pretty but once they’re past their prime they’ve got to go!
Green Waste
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Issues With Green Waste Removal

Why it makes sense to have your garden waste collected by Tidy Up:

What if you gather more garden waste than expected or less garden waste? You could pay for a large skip bin and only half fill it. Or worse, have to order a second skip. With Tidy Up, there’s no need to calculate bin sizes or pay for unnecessary space, you only pay for the amount you need removed. 

Landfill is always a last resort and no more so than with garden waste. All green waste is transported to a dedicated green waste site in Perth and reborn as nutrient-rich mulch.

Knowing that you don’t have to lug all the green waste from one end of your block to the other is refreshing.  But it’s even better to know that a team of uniformed, trained professionals are coming to do the job with all the right equipment and expertise.

No hidden fees or surprise costs. You’ll always get an upfront quote, ensuring you know what the job costs.

If you’re debating whether professional green waste removal is worth it, you need to weigh up all the actual costs. Think of the hours spent collecting, bagging, transporting and then disposing of the waste.

Then there’s the physical strain. Let’s be honest, green waste removal can be back-breaking work. You’ll also need equipment and transportation i.e., hiring a trailer. Not to mention the potential multiple trips to disposal sites.

With Tidy Up, you can get a big garden cleanup completed with less time and effort. Plus, it’s not just about removal, it’s about responsible, eco-friendly green waste disposal.

If you’re prepping for a big garden cleanup, contact Tidy Up first and find out how easy garden waste removal can be.

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