TidyUp’s new facebook page is here to stay

We can see the benefits of social networking and we beleive Facebook will become an important marketing tool for us in future. Please feel free to visit our page and add any comments, questions or suggestions. Our page will also have weekly updates about team tidy and the things we get up to. We plan for exciting offers, photos and even videos on there in the near future.

Autumn is here and people are busy pruning trees ahead of the inevitable Winter storms. Check our green waste removal page to see how we can help with minor pruning and any size of green waste removal from 1 cubic metre to huge amounts that require wood chipping.

How’s Team Tidy’s line up going you ask? Well, we would like to welcome Terri & Peter to our team. Terri has joined us as an admin assistant and already offered some valuable input. Peter has recently been working at a paintball centre and has joined us as a driver’s assistant.

The rest of our line up remains the same with Jo as the office manager. Tony & Peter work full time on the rear loader changing Tidy Bags and doing rubbish removals when the tipper truck is booked out. Jay & Shane work full time on the tipper truck and continue to delight our clients and bring in great testimonials. We feel very grateful to have such a committed and enthusiastic group of people around us. We all just love talking rubbish!

Tidy Up is recycling more of the waste we collect than ever before! We use over 20 different disposal and recycling sites around town, depending on where we are and what we are carrying. Also, the cost for us to remove end of life hard drives and LCD monitors has recently dropped from $14.00 and $29.00 respectively to just $5.00! This is the result of cost savings passed to us from our recyclers that we have in turn passed on to you!

Our short term vision is to provide a valuable link between residents and businesses and their waste disposal needs, with a strong focus on recycling whenever we possibly can. So whether you’re a business in the CBD or a resident in the suburbs, we are the team to contact if you want to resolve your surplus waste issues quickly and efficiently and stay focused on what you do best! Which, by the way is probably not rubbish removal! Leave that to us!

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