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Attention to detail!

Need attention to detail when it comes to rubbish removal? This is how we roll! Check out the truck in the background and the […]

  16 September 2020
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The Sattler Files Interview

The Sattler Files Interview with our GM, Tony

  28 July 2015
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Our largest job ever!

Here’s a video showing the largest job ever done by us. We removed 39 truckloads and had 3 trucks with 6 workers on the […]

  8 August 2014
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See Tidy Up in Action!

  20 March 2013
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TidyUp’s new facebook page is here to stay

We can see the benefits of social networking and we beleive Facebook will become an important marketing tool for us in future. Please feel […]

  3 August 2011
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